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A1 ISA Passive ISDN-Controller v3.0
A1 PCMCIA Passive ISDN-Controller
A1plus ISA Passive ISDN-Controller
B1 Active ISDN-Controller ISA PnP v3.0
B1 Active ISDN-Controller PCI v4.0
B1 Active ISDN-Controller PCMCIA
B1 Active ISDN-Controller USB v1.1
BlueFRITZ! AP-ISDN Bluetooth Access Point
BlueFRITZ! AP-X Combo ISDN Controller/Bluetooth Access/PBX
BlueFRITZ! USB Bluetooth Access
BT Speedway ISDN TA
C2 Active ISDN-Controller PCI (max 4)
C4 Active ISDN-Controller PCI (max 8)
FRITZ!Box ADSL Router + Modem
FRITZ!Box Fon ADSL Router + Modem + VoIP
FRITZ!Box Fon ata Router + VoIP
FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN ADSL Router + Modem + VoIP
FRITZ!Card Classic ISA Passive ISDN-Controller
FRITZ!Card DSL Combo ADSL/ISDN-Controller PCI
FRITZ!Card DSL Combo ADSL/ISDN-Controller USB
FRITZ!Card PCI Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!Card PCMCIA Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!Card PnP ISA Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!Card USB Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!Card USB v2.0 Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!Card USB v2.1 Passive ISDN Controller
FRITZ!X PC Combo ISDN Controller/PBX External
FRITZ!X PC v2.0 Combo ISDN Controller/PBX External
FRITZ!X PC v3.0 Combo ISDN Controller/PBX External
FRITZ!X USB Combo ISDN Controller/PBX
FRITZ!X USB v2.0 Combo ISDN Controller/PBX
FRITZ!X USB v3.0 Combo ISDN Controller/PBX
M1 Mobile Active ISDN Controller PCMCIA
M2 Mobile Active ISDN Controller PCMCIA
T1 Active PRI ISDN-Controller
T1-B Active PRI ISDN-Controller
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Quick Stats

Items available:

  • 14,357 modems
  • 1,805 chipsets
  • 2,292 chips
  • 804 modem mfcs
  • 121 comp/MB mfcs
  • 1,714 comps/MBs/retail
  • 144 chipset mfcs
  • 24,562 external web links
  • 150,279 hardware IDs
  • 238,477 download files


Mfc: the company no longer makes/supplies modems and/or their chipsets, or has been taken over, or otherwise fallen into commercial Tophet.

Modem: it is no longer in production.

Chip, Chipset, Family or Family-Type: it is no longer produced at the Foundry.

In short, the item marked with a has shuffled off this mortal coil, it has gone to meet it’s maker, to sing with the choir invisible; it is, not to put too fine a point upon it, an ex-modem (-Mfc, -Chip, -Chipset, -Family or -Type).

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