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SmartLink HAMR5600 AC-Link 56k Soft

Soft V.90/K56flex ACR/AMR/CNR/MDC/Mini-PCI Modem Chipsets

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Manufacturer: Smart Link Ltd.
Chipset Family Type: 56k Soft
Chipset Family: HAMR5600 AC-Link 56k Soft
Chipsets: HAMR5600 ACR,AMR,CNR,MDC,Mini PCI 56k Soft (FCC)
HAMR5600 ACR,AMR,CNR,MDC,Mini PCI 56k Soft (Global)
General Information
This is the Chipset family which made Smart Link’s (SL) name, and got them into their current position of being the major supplier of (cheap) modems to the computer industry.

SL are not really a chipset manufacturer--STMicro supply the silicon--but rather a software, design & marketing company. As the hardware on the modem card provides only interface functions to computer & telephone line, all the hard work of being a modem is done by software within the OS. In theory this can, of course, be any OS on any computer. Currently, SL provide Linux- & Windows-hosted drivers for every major consumer computing platform.

The key to SL’s success lies in the following words: normally, the section that you are reading right now would refer you to your computer’s M/B manufacturer, which would mean finding a different page. Smart Link truly are ‘Smart’, as they provide drivers which are generic for both PCI & AC-Link designs across all MBs. The downside is that the drivers are a touch on the large side. Here are the key aspects:
  • AC-Link modems are normally specific to a MB chipset.
  • The EEPROM IDs which identify them to drivers are based on the manufacturer of the M/B, not the modem.
  • In practical terms, the items above usually mean:
    1. drivers & info are found via the M/B mfc, not the modem mfc.
    2. drivers are specific not only to the M/B mfc, but also to the specific M/B.
    3. a modem cannot be moved from one M/B to another.
    4. end result: drivers & info are difficult--often impossible--to find
  • SL have taken the trouble to provide single drivers which work with ALL M/Bs for which they are verified

Extra Info

Country (how to find)
ati7 in More Info & changed via the Control Panel applet (Modem Settings).
Driver Version (how to find)
ati2 in More Info
Known Problems
v3.60.03: Matthew advises Windows XP connections considerably improved from erratic 49.3/33.6k (with 3.00e) to a steady 48k. Matthew also reports “one odd thing was that with the new driver, echoing can be heard while it dials”.
v3.04.00: Karen Tamrazyan advises AT#UD (Unimodem Diagnostics) are not reporting correctly.
v2.92.04ND: (Early V.92) odd connection problems with non-V.92 ISPs, such as AOL. Typical symptoms are a dropped connection with a call-waiting notification - particularly strange if your line does not have this feature active! Fix: drop to V.34. Use Safe-Mode 2 (Modem Helper in Modem Settings in Control Panel).
v2.92.04: (Windows XP) Simon Zerafa advises resolves issues with BSOD’s and PC reboots when using AOL v7.0 (see also other AOL 7 problems).
  • Windows 2000 systems need at least 64 MB RAM - less may result in system crashes.
  • Wake-up-on-ring (and possibly power-down) does not work with some motherboards - SL blames the M/B designs.
  • AMR Cards may be set to the wrong mode - they are either Primary- or Secondary-Mode designs, depending both on the M/B & the sound card fitted (see FAQ #10 - this site).
  • no/dropped/V34 connections may be caused by certain graphics cards hogging the PCI bus (Smart Link fingers 24 graphics cards at FAQ #19 - this site) - drop hardware acceleration until the problem goes:- see Control Panel, Display, Settings, Advanced, Performance
  • no dial tone - try putting ATX3 in Extra Settings
Supplied with latest drivers.
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Quick Stats

Items available:

  • 14,357 modems
  • 1,805 chipsets
  • 2,292 chips
  • 805 modem mfcs
  • 121 comp/MB mfcs
  • 1,714 comps/MBs/retail
  • 144 chipset mfcs
  • 24,562 external web links
  • 150,279 hardware IDs
  • 238,478 download files


Mfc: the company no longer makes/supplies modems and/or their chipsets, or has been taken over, or otherwise fallen into commercial Tophet.

Modem: it is no longer in production.

Chip, Chipset, Family or Family-Type: it is no longer produced at the Foundry.

In short, the item marked with a has shuffled off this mortal coil, it has gone to meet it’s maker, to sing with the choir invisible; it is, not to put too fine a point upon it, an ex-modem (-Mfc, -Chip, -Chipset, -Family or -Type).

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