Utilities (win95/98)

A brief explanation of various Windows®' utilities as part of Troubleshooting a modem.
There's a couple of ways of opening this dialog: or if you are boring:
Editing the Registry
The hives can be opened by clicking on the "+'s" inside of the little square boxes.

Take Care! Mistakes made with the Registry Editor can, at best, stop a program from working, or at worst, can stop Windows from working. There is no 'undo' or 'save' options. Once a change is made, it is made permanently.

There is a menu option under 'Registry' to export/import all or part of the Registry. Highly cautious/error-prone people may wish to use this.

Renaming Files
As always, there are a number of ways to achieve this:
System Properties
The General tab of this dialog gives some important info, amongst which is the precise version of Windows in the system, plus the amount of physical RAM installed. The slow way to get there is: The quick way to get there is: